Diocha moves to New Zealand

Breaking all the traditional and society barriers, DIOCHA decided to fly. She knew she was not meant to be in the place where she was. She knew she was not supposed to be treated the way she was treated. She knew she will fly one day and she did! Splintering all the traditional, conservative and society impediments, she decided to take the leap and fly alone towards her destiny. The first stop is the City of Sails, Auckland located in north island of New Zealand, the Paradise of the World.


She had no idea where to stay, she had no idea what’s next. All she had was faith and thus took the surge. It’s been 2 months today and she is finally making her feet stable in Auckland. Totally mesmerized by the beauty of this place, she is loving every moment here.


How she feels now:

She feels more grounded now, more content than ever and ever so more positive. Still doesn’t understand the world, still can’t see the other side of people but you know what, she isn’t bothered anymore!! She actually has no time to think about the world because she is busy creating her own world.

So here she is now to take you along on this journey to explore the world, New Zealand being the first stop. Let’s explore the best wines of the world, new cuisines (though there is no specific cuisine to NZ), new culture and new people.




18 thoughts on “Diocha moves to New Zealand

  1. Wow!! Love the photos! Good luck on your journey. I’m coming there too after 2 months and I have mixed feelings. Looking forward to your next blog posts!! PS May I know how it’s been so far? How’s the people and the environment?

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    1. Hello Meredith. Thank you for the best wishes. Let me know when you are here, would love to catch up. It’s an amazing country. Heaven on earth to be precise. And people are so welcoming and warm here, they always have a smile on the face and will definitely greet you on the way. xx


  2. There is one NZ cuisine ☺️☺️ Fish 🐟 n chips 🍟 ☺️ And U have to come to Wellington to have the best one 🤗
    U Are Awesome Diocha💕😘❤️️

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